what I look for in a girl:

  • complete hairlessness so that when i preform physics experiments by throwing you down a steep incline there is less friction involved
  • be entertaining. wear a red nose and a funny wig and giant shoes. be a clown
  • be small and petite. if you cant fit into a teacup you arent worth my time
  • don’t be loud. make no noise. make so little noise that your presence sucks in all sounds, creating an anti sound vortex that i can crawl into and die in


she wear snort snirt i wear sneep snop

Tom Hiddleston by Jason Hetherington

Red carpet cheekbones!


Red carpet cheekbones!

DOFP Gag Reel

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lotr meme: ten scenes [5/10] → the lighting of the beacons

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[approaches straight couple] so which of you is the yard sard and which is the yale sale


x-men: days of future past [gag reel]


I recently was commissioned by Cody Pearce to create concepts for an animation pitch called Xeno-Control - here are three of the main characters.

Rex: At 109 years old, Rex has spent most of his life scraping by on a meager salary, so he values any money that comes his way. He fought in the Vennar War, where he encountered many wild and dangerous aliens - this gave him the idea to start Xeno-Control.

Trixie: Trixie attends college where she studies xenobiology. She is an alien activist, advocating that all aliens be treated as equals. She is one of the youngest people to get her pilot’s license. Outspoken and incredibly sarcastic, she’s almost always smiling no matter how bad things get.

Ozgood: Ozgood’s true age is unknown - with all of his physical and mental improvements he considers himself post-human. He made his fortune from weapons manufacturing during the Vennar War.

I’ll be posting some environments from the project next week!